Brief History of SMS

Short Message Service (SMS) generally is a text messaging service component linked with phone, web, or mobile communication programs, using standardized devices protocols that enable the exchange of small pieces of information involving fixed line or phone devices.

SMS may be the hottest data application used these days, with an estimated 3.6 billion active users. The term "SMS" is being used as an acronym for all types of short text messaging activities. It was created in the late '80s by a Finnish engineer to support another digital technology called GSM which means "Global System for Mobile Communications". The idea was aimed to develop a simple messaging system that might work even if the receiving device was turned off or out of coverage area. The first SMS message was sent in December 1992 from a computer to a cellular phone on a Vodafone GSM network in the UK. Its usage has grown exponentially ever since.

SMS has many advantages. It helps people all over the world communicate due to its simplicity, low cost and widespread availability. In almost all cases, it takes less time to send a text message than to make a phone call or send an e-mail. SMS is cheaper than any other type of communication device. It is very simple to use and the technology is easily accessible in all mobile phones produced today.

Today, SMS is used within large scale by different types of companies and agencies to distribute information, news, emergency alerts, and marketing campaigns.

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